We had an amazing first year with 4 original productions! But don’t take it from us. Read what our audiences had to say:

a god in love

“The show is not “preachy” its real and tells the story of broken people and a god who forgives and cares for them. It was captivating and I appreciated every moment of it.” The Playbill Collector

“…this Cliffs Notes version of the Bible is compelling in many ways…” – Pioneer Press

“Range, Style Grace – Nathaniel demonstrated an impressive range… His use of style, props and dialogue were impressive and well paced…” – Roger Mehus

“Wowza……..this was real good!!! …incredible wit and style. Looking forward to seeing more from [Nathaniel] in the future!” – Jeanie Johnston

Ed (the girl)

It featured Sophenia Marchant, Jordan Goette, and Nathaniel Norton.

“I saw the show Ed (the girl) last Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Very funny. I definitely recommend it.” -via Facebook

“I saw this show [Ed (the girl)] on Saturday and brought another group on Tuesday. Brilliant!” -via Facebook

“Next time we’ll bring our friends.” -audience member


“…Our church hosted Expecting… and it was fantastic. Humorous, clever, intelligent, and thought provoking. …it’s a new Christmas classic!”
-Pastor Skip Crust

“Forget your other plays and just do the Christmas one [Expecting]” -audience member

“[Expecting,] that one’s your best.” -audience member

Night of Masks

Unfortunately we were so busy putting up our last production we didn’t get any pictures of us performing. 🙁 A combination of two comic plays and a ukulele opera, Night of Masks explores the masks we put on in fear and the love that removes them. It featured Laura Lambert, Sophenia Marchant, Jordan Goette, and Nathaniel Norton.

“Last Sunday I went to see… the indie play Night of Masks. I laughed, was surprised, and cheered at the three vignettes in one play. I totally recommend this, two Megan’s thumbs up:) Catch the other performances this weekend!”

“Very intriguing stories! And great vocals in the opera.”
-via Facebook