Joseph Loved Mary 2019

Sometimes everyone doubts their angels.

When his fiancee, Mary, comes back pregnant timid Joseph wants to hide behind religion and duty but must find a way to speak for love before his fears and the fears of others tear his new family apart.

It follows the Christmas story from Joseph finding out Mary is pregnant through the baby being born to their trying to seek refuge in Egypt and their planning to return after Harod’s death.

Approx. 50-55 minutes. A one man Christmas show. Written and performed by Nathaniel Norton.

Performances (click for map):
7:30pm December 13th at Living Hope, St. Francis
7:30pm December 14th at Living Hope, St. Francis
11am December 15th at Faith CRC, New Brighton
6:30pm December 19th at Beacon House of Prayer, Becker
7pm December 20th at River’s Edge Christian Church, Vernon Center
6:30pm December 21st at Corner Coffee North Loop, Minneapolis
9:15am December 22nd at Crosstown Covenant, Minneapolis
2pm December 22nd at St. Luke’s Episcopal, Minneapolis