This one man play goes from Genesis to Revelation in an attempt to tell this incredibly influential story as a whole story through 20 plus characters in about an hour. Performed Summer 2013 at the MN Fringe Festival Written and Performed by Nathaniel Norton
“The show is not “preachy” its real… It was captivating and I appreciated every moment of it.”
– The Playbill Collector “This Cliffs Notes version of the Bible is compelling in many ways…” -Pioneer Press “Range, Style Grace – Nathaniel demonstrated an impressive range… His use of style, props and dialogue were impressive and well paced…” – Roger Mehus “Wowza……..this was real good!!! …incredible wit and style. Looking forward to seeing more from [Nathaniel] in the future!” – Jeanie Johnston

Tickets are available online for $16 or at the door for $18.

Online orders become unavailable the day of the performance.